International Roles

Bedford, the centre of the known world

We’re incredibly proud of our association with Bedford. But we’re very far from being a provincial firm. As every year goes by, so we enlarge the international side of our business.

Our Charles Wells France chain operates eleven sites across France, each celebrating the classic English pub experience and selling proper British beer. (If you ever fancy a sneaky pint of bitter in Paris, for example, we can’t recommend The Bombardier on the Place du Pantheon highly enough.)

We also help retailers develop their own pubs in other parts of Europe (particularly Italy and the Eastern states). We don’t operate these ourselves, but we do give our partners as much help as we can. They’re a great way of promoting British beer sales in otherwise hard-to-access territories.

And of course, the beer itself is continuously making new friends all over the world. We share eight million pints a year with customers as far afield as Australia, Korea, South Africa, Malta and British Virgin Islands. The United States and Canada have long been big consumers of our beers.

Part of our secret is that we don’t just send beer overseas. We also provide an unrivalled sales support package, driving sales through business partnerships. We call this ‘The Authentic British Experience.’ In 2012, the Sunday Times listed Wells and Young’s as one of the UK’s Top 200 Private International Sales companies.

Perhaps the most telling success story, though, is that Walt Disney has awarded our Young’s Double Chocolate Stout a national listing within all its Disney World Restaurants, replacing Guinness. As a consequence of this endorsement, the brand is available to another potential 43m consumers.