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Laura Henman

Managed House Analyst

“Being an apprentice here is great, because you don't feel like you're the person making the tea and coffee - you're a really valued member of the team.”

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Ben Sparks

Northgate - Supervisor

“I’ve only been here three years, and I’ve already been promoted to supervisor. The progression opportunities here are great, and there’s a good bunch of people.”

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Elodie Durand

General Manager - Charles Wells France

"You have the freedom to run the pub how you want. You’re judged on how good the results are. And the company is there to support you with advice and suggestions, not criticism."

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Emily Hudson

Marketing Manager

“Lately, there’s been a real revival in the cask beer world – so it’s an exciting field to work in. And with such a diverse product range, there’s something for everyone.”

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Tom Foddy

Key Account Manager

“I helped develop a whole new brand – the identity, the logo, name it. The day of the launch was fantastic, as all sorts of people got involved – including the local mayor and rugby team.”

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Shirley Gooden

Telesales Operative

What makes telesales different here? The answer’s simple – the products. They’re top quality, and customers appreciate that.”

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Benjamin Smith

Retail Development Manager

“It’s really rewarding to sit down with our licensees, work out exactly what they’re trying to achieve, then help make it happen. It’s all about partnership and getting results.”

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Anthony Fryer

Group Finance Director

“It’s big enough to give you variety and the chance to have an impact – but it’s small enough so you can see the bigger picture.”

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Bob Nisbet

Brewing Process Leader - Brewing

“Every single day, there’s a different challenge. We produce great beer, and people love it.”

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Fiona Wakelin

Container Plant Operative

“The people who come here tend to stay, because they like it so much. So we all know each other really well, and work well together as a team.”

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Bernadette Myers

Customer Support Manager

“You never know what the next call’s going to bring, or what the next customer’s going to want. My job’s all about helping people run successful businesses, so they can make their own customers happy.”

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Paul Craven

Laboratory Supervisor

“I’ve got a wide, varied sort of role, and do a lot of beer tasting and sensory work. I also give talks about our beers, which is always fun and exciting.”

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