Our Culture

The culture at Charles Wells is a unique brew. We’re a family firm that has a long history of making the highest quality beer and running pubs at the heart of the community. So there’s a fierce sense of pride amongst the people who work here – pride both in what we do – and in the long tradition that it upholds. Many of our people tell us that for them, their work is a real labour of love.

There’s real camaraderie and community here too. It’s a busy, bustling atmosphere – sometimes it’s even a bit hectic. People enjoy the pace of it – and the buzz they get when there’s lots to be done. It’s a friendly place where people are enthusiastic, positive and helpful.

Another aspect of our family tradition is the way we take care of our people: we try to be a generous employer providing a feeling of working in a secure long-term business. We’re also very passionate about doing business ethically – and treating everyone – employee, customer or supplier with real respect.

There’s another side to the culture, too – a modern, entrepreneurial side. We’re a business that’s evolving fast – creating new products and moving into new sectors. We’re an adaptable, flexible business, where new ideas are welcomed and there’s excitement about what the future holds.