St George marches to his own drum in new Bombardier campaign honouring England’s Patron Saint

The annual homage to St George by Bombardier, the flagship beer from independent brewer Charles Wells, has been given a new look to bring it closer to the brand’s new marketing campaign, which celebrates the individual spirit of its drinkers.

The refresh includes a more modern take on England’s Patron Saint in full armour, weary and marked from battle, with a call to arms for English drinkers to celebrate the genuine story of St. George.

Bomabardier - St George's Day

Marketing Manager for Bombardier, Sarah Mahoney, said the beer’s recent marketing refresh has given them an opportunity to make the most of historical figures who’ve changed history by marching to their own drum: “Bombardier has always paid homage to St. George and our ‘March to Your Own Drum’ campaign has given us a chance to explore his story in more detail. He represents exactly what it means to be an individual. Dragons aside, he stood up for what’s right, fought tyranny and protected the oppressed. A true hero, St George was an individual who not only marched to his own drum but inspired an entire nation to do the same.”

Pubs stocking Bombardier Glorious English, Bombardier Burning Gold, and the new Bombardier Pale Ale, will be able to order a full POS kit including posters, beer mats and pump clip crowns showing the new-look St George to help promote their beer and create more sales in the run up to and over St George’s Day.

Anyone wanting to find out more or order the Bombardier St George’s Day pack, can do so by calling 01234 279298.