McEwan’s Export

McEwans ExportFinalV2McEwan’s Export is perhaps the world’s best-travelled beer. First brewed to quench the thirst of those toiling under the hot Indian sun, it was labelled Export and the name stuck. The sun might not belt down quite the same in Scotland, but we know a refreshing beer when we taste one – Export is today the no.1 supermarket selling ale in in its homeland.

This beer began its life in the 1860s, when its casks would be loaded onto sailing ships for a 5,000-mile journey to India. There it was unloaded on a sun-drenched wharf and sent inland to reward the thirsty workers.

McEwan’s Export does the same noble job today, and is still known worldwide for its hearty character.


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Tasting Notes

A premium Scottish Ale, full bodied and sweet with a satisfying roast flavour.

McEwan's Export